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Revontulet (Independent 2017)

Rutonkantaja (fever carriers), Matojen Herkkupaiva related to the worms or parasites and many more of local Finnish lyrics written down upon this Pagan Black Metal Folkish effort from the Kokkola, Finland’s extreme metallic band – Noituma whom being totally influenced by the old mythology of the Scandinavian and paganism-based heritage that will never erased easily by the religious beliefs of the modern days as concluded with a formation of Jonas Frilund (drums), Timo-Tuomas Murto (violin), Onni Kentala (bass), Christian Heitala and Petri Paasila (guitars) and Vesa Tuomi (vocals) uniting the back-boned insignificant artistic of Classic Black Metal with traditional background and screaming/clean vocal as the back-up harmony shouting seems to be a great choice to start your pagan views over a day brand new as it is ancient and within Ruoto (I Rotate) album addressing that – one can assures their favorite metal music picking didn’t go wrong for this. 
The melodic and down tempos onto the blasts hurricane and female vocals shall never sounded wrong as you have Virvatulen Kajo (feat. Satu Huhtala) or Jokainen Hautaa Omansa coming to ears neither softer or louder in volume. 

Head-bang and believe it pagans, believe !