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Resonant Firefly (Bandcamp 2016)

Music, microphones, a game soundtrack to save ? IGF-nominated made an attempt to remembering for having fun over a cool gaming within community with many contents sequel over experiences and enjoyment from the previous first class of the mystery of Kingdom.
This newer choice for Kingdom: New Lands OST by ToyTree originally composed in those instrumental futuristic tension on Ambient Electro and experimental Pop-tunes for a video-gaming special purposes off the main music-maker and characterized themes picking both ensemble well via the works of this Portland, Oregon as here credits as the writer and producer under the name of the real Amos Roddy with mastering by Matthew Morgan and the album art by Kelly Smith. 
The queen’s journey to revealing some of thus mysterious hidden stories and folklore background around the next Kingdom gaming levels there and within it comes bigger consequence and risks to play it to succeeded as the graphic looks amazing and the soundtrack itself proves it’s showing the best interest by the artist to make a definite better musical project to supporting a great strategy game for the minimal pixel arts via Autumn, Clover, Strange Afternoon, Cloud Thoughts, Solace, Morning Stretch and Goodbye Glass. Reminds you about some other games you’d play or just too amazing that you still can remember your own childhood times around console gaming play.

Kingdom New Lands OST: