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Resakoff Acabe (Not On Label 2014)

Castellon De La Plana of Valencia raised its own forms of drunken Pagan Folk-Metal and traditional beats taking your collar a pull and dance the floor while the ginger ale and beers didn’t stop serving from the bar while everyone crazily dancing like the real Folk-pagan people celebrating the Symphonic Thrash Metal, Heavy Rock and power groovy Polka metallic in many ways – from the mid-tempo hoopla to the high-techniques under the shades of influences by Korpiklaani, Pantera, Enfiserum and the old speed-up version on Iron Maiden’s riff-age. 
Clean vocals and customized sounds with you may cheering as well for the funny views inside the condemned bar where almost all the customers like a poetic justice blacksmith to the preaching friar or the house-keeper wife and the forest god sniffing for beers and the lady waitress’ nice buttocks. Lepoka releasing this Folkoholic Metal totally fits for many assembly of the drunks to shout a loud and raising more glasses saluting Requiem Natura, Orfeo, Jagermeister of Puppets and La Taberna De Los Trolls is too much mythical objects but lucky for Dani (vocals), Zarach (wind-pipes), Samu (violin), Popez (guitars) as well as Dio and Zaph (bass) and Jaume (drums); as Esta Noche La Vamos a Liar leads you to the road sign for the pub of sinful friends to hang-out in the middle-ages era.

Folkoholic Metal: