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Remy Mutt (Bandcamp 2017)

Blind Tiger is vocalist Nick Lundy, Stephen Washburn (guitars), Daniel Mount (second guitars), Stacy Nee (bass guitar) and the man behind a trap-set Michael Sudduth. Reflecting their essential broken-bones tension or tempo with enormous super-power hatred and screaming growlers vocals type asking for the changes in front of them but failed as these Panama City, Florida band’s reaching the time for releasing their sophomore recording that actually, getting banned by most of the school for stopping to express hatred among the underage or the teenagers but the campaign never stops since and neither the complaining from several fanatic Christians pages or blogs but also the secular ones over Blind Tiger. 
Ferocious, raging and full of anger riffs as well as the rabid tempos – reflecting the symbolization of the wrath of poor civilizations and those who critically, needs a curing process from the destruction and slavery through the avenging thoughts, wiser themes and louder ideas to blasting thus destructive songs to learn more by the beginners on In The Future, Back to The Back or the semi-standard Hardcore/Prog-Metal alliance for Lock The Gate album. 

Let the mosh-pit consciousness taking over.   

Lock The Gate: