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Regen Brazil (Transacoustic Research 2010)

   A strange of the strangest collaborations ever made for making music between a cook and sound technician with ten musicians creating their brilliant silly ideas a reality by turning vegetables in various kinds and shapes into a usable music instruments as altered or assembles by Jurgen Berlakovich, Nikolaus Gansterer, Susanna Gartmayer, Barbara Kaiser, Matthias Meinharter to Jorg Piringer, Richard Repey, Ingrid Schlogl as well as Marie Steinauer, Ulrich Troyer or Tamara Wilhelm under their odd naming group of an inventor musicianship called The Vegetable Orchestra founded in Vienna – Austria. 
   From miserable multi-taps on green veggie or beans to an experimental electro-cultivated on tomato, carrot recorder, as being represents thus isomorphism electro and structure sounds being produced the essential haunting but necessary alienated like no sounds of music you’ve ever heard before like the newest inventions from them through Onionise – the album. 
   Listen carefully to example tracks like Scoville, Nightshades, Transplants to Le Massacre Du Printemps and maybe more you would continue to liking via Malang, Pocket Stampede and Excess Pressure Symphony as being also mastered by Kassian Troyer as mixed well by Oliver Brunbauer. 
   Be very exciting and amazed to go on further more by having an experience of a lifetime for you being a spectator on this rarely beautiful shape of classic music programs from the vegetation lab of the alps.