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Red Cloud Shaker (Bandcamp 2015)

   Left for a continuity as a one-man band project which having a great space to putting in all those loving for Bluesy Rock, Folk and Southern music collision between heavenly mountain of Alabama maker-works to the world wide web or audience as a must collectible items completing your catalogs as this intended reasons for keeping the spirits high and envisioned a stark semi-acoustic and sting-arrangements fixing sounds as a confessional truth as being announced by some private independent media as one of the best record made by a man proving that possibilities happens like miracles to the one who asking for it. Willem Maker’s The Earth is All That Lastsproviding the essential atmosphere of the darker woods area seductive and dangerous spots for you to entering the unknown privileged of a passion and self-feelings inflict via the many kinds of story to tell by the written lyrics and songs composing and the signature artworks for covering these fine, slow and sadder themed tracks of six to your stereo surroundings the cabin indoors. 
Follow the teasing Black Widow’s Daughter like little children carving for candies on the forest’s floor or thus mythical legends out of In The Bedrock to Where The Bright Angel Tolls saying that Mr. Willem maker – Ain’t Dead Yet. 

Abandoning hope by this solitude Blues-sound comes …