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Quetzalcoatl (Bookmaker Records 2016)

   Psychedelic grooves in a heavy drugged syrups for anyone who demanding a semi-professional and independent Stoner/Doom Metal and Punk-Hardcore version in France and gets what you need inside the solo project turned to a real band off this Henryspenncer which led by the song-writers Valentin Feron and Julien Magot as then has been joined by thus Illegal Process’s members Carl Boisson and Charlie Batalla or Thomas Kuratli of Pyrit as well the growing further for the group to develops like an underwater monsters or feathered serpents and invisible force following the raining of comets comes to earth via the third releasing Noise/Krautrock and Doom Stoner-based music that pounds you through Hypnosis Gumbo. Dragonite or Spinosaur’s featuring figures may blowing hard but never losing the grips on grooving loud – all the way onto Relic, Vortex or Foxes just turning epic in the peak performance of Progressive Metal on Voodoo’s Rising track.
   Thumping like echoes of the far earthquake been caused by monstrous creatures …

Hypnosis Gumbo: