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Quasar Barbarian (Diamond Fist/Burger 2013)

Mixing the high heel boots and their remarkable influences by the biggest love for Rock N’ Roll, Glam-Rock and Pop-Rock in a very essential blending on sixties/seventies era atmosphere with some of the UK’s brand sounds just like the similarity within the likes for several names on the closest scenes of music: Enuff Z’nuff, The Darkness or The Raspberry and yes, you will liking these Hammered Satin performing their kinds of beating noise of both Rock and coloring sparkles to head-banging via the presence of Conor Behrle (guitars) or Noah Wallace (lead vocals) or this recording release – Glamorama. 

Busting drummers, high-toned vocals and shouting backgrounds to the elastic yummy solo guitars and you must be joking if you didn’t want to collecting them up after hearing the parade of rocking songs via Interstellar Lady, Sugar Babe, Multiple Personality, Lonely Tiger and Light Speed Driver – which mostly, all providing the goddess-like imaginative figures and psychedelic-touches for everyone who still loyal on using drugs to get the higher and brighter under the blanket of glamorous tension and letting the real Rock Music rules back in Hollywood !