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Pushups Girl (Not On Label 2013)

   Gratitude on performing a timing collapse for the distorted sound noises available through the duet of geeky music-lovers probably, led them to choose the freaking name which also looks honest and non-pretending to be put on the board sign next to every curving boulevard roads in Austin, Texas for the local boys turning their interest on Experimental Math-Rock whether you came from San Antonio area; Feuding Fathers did pretty well in order to destroying your stereo system with their enormous balls of experiments via Prog-Rock, Math-metallic tunes and more blasting drums or solo melodic accords trying to do the slicing moves and cutting-edge by sound quality via Kid Tested Father Approved – the record. Made in New York City by the local Texan duo: Dustin Coffman for the vocals and guitars with Mason Macias the drummer releasing this extended play album with huge expectations not by themselves but the listeners while hearing the groovy bursts coming out within Brass Knucks the opener to Don’t Bro Me If You Don’t Know Me may sounded like a tread for someone else not to threatening them or else …

Kid Tested Father Approved: