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Purple Kool-Aid (Bandcamp 2012)

First – they’re not a Devo tribute band; then, if you loved to listening to the bastard Grunge and Punk like a good ol’ grinding of coffee bean drinks in the early morning or pretending that you reliable for the great music comes form a great bands like a Pop-version of Dinosaur Jr, The Dead Milkmen or more improving of Zen Arcade missions turned-out as brand new via the existence smaller group playing their own happy/gloomy Punk in serving helps for others to develop or playing local rebels against the injustice authority at your town just like these Detroit Michigan band did. 
Welcoming the rockers: Johnny Coughlin (guitars/vocals), Shaun Moore (bass, vocals), Nic Bingers (guitar, vocals), Jim Wood (drums)or the studio drummer Tony Haluskha as the artistic cover did as well by Johnny Coughlin himself and the recording entitled 2500 A.D seems to be a bad painting imperfect to a guidance for understanding how on earth Terminator related to some of these tracks like Purgatorio or Intersect. 

Don’t answer that, just try Stroller Coaster’s simple chords and melodies a high level volume !

2500 A.D: