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Purp Durp (Independent 2016)

   Can calling it a Dank-Punk or simply, just Indie-Pop under the influence from The Lemonheads or The Posies perhaps – these trio hailed from New Brunswick, NJ with Zach, Kyle and Eric with no Steves at all but calling them funnier as Steve. (the band). So, don’t call them Steven or Stephen or else … Boo-Shemi is their album and the six tracks proving how these guys weirdy by the looks actually, can make a good record as the gaming addiction keep on being the best themes for them not a ruined cake photo but the trust on families, friends and believers like you that playing their music now and listening by sing-along mode-on to Soft Serve, SEGA Memecast and TF Happened to that Miguel Song ? onto an epic fail-fun via Heart Attack on Titan. 
Produced by Kyle O’Connorand Nicholas Rapon and that blue-faced bored boy before finding a new friend named Steve.