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Prisoners Calm (Mighty Music 2016)

   Alternative Metal and Hard Rock pleasure rising cracking your bones via the amazing performance by these Hamar, Norway rockers calling themselves as Souls of Tide to inviting you for coming in bare-footed or dressing-well to the show travelling tents alive carried by the giant creature’s back which might looking like a land tortoise roaring loud just like the music itself. Powerful melodic and compromising package fully booked and ready to rock and rolls you out aloud within this effort entitled Join The Circus as they’re formed and established by Anders langberg, Oyvind Stronen and Vegar Larsen before completed by the new members like Kjetil Banken and Ole Kristian Ostby for the guitar-department as well as drummer Tommy Kristiansen over the catchy hooks and clean vocals under the designated melodies of the 70’s Classic Rock era attitudes for bursting the soon to be hits off the rock radio by hope – Once Again, Easy Love, Spray-Tan Magic to Devils and Faith. 

You should put this louder and sing along with the group for more banging act on air-guitars !  

Join The Circus: