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Princess Pretty (EverGlow Entertainment 1998)

   Feeling secure or not as the piano intro leads your sanity to the freaking level of hair standing moment over the madness solemn words written by the definitely born a bastard sons of your crashing Modern Alternative Metal products of generations with all the crazy shooting out school yard or classroom massacre and those mutilated cases of how pedophiliac and psychotic serial killers on the loose killing women and more people to be involved within the likes for Korn and Limp Bizkit on the rise ruling the Billboards and Music Charts manipulating points led a Charlotte, NC independent band calling themselves Lunatic Candy Kreep on combining the edgy side of Glam-Metal sickness horror-themed from Motley Creu to the Hip-Metal mixed beats between extremity and Rap-core via the best recording session they’ve release in constant emotions for Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children that brought the Halloween-tinged mass murder agenda to your stereo system lately in the last of ninety-eight era. 
   As the news about either the departed lead vocalist Rayen Belchere turning a coward betrayer for Pop-music or Wednesday 13 shining moment of overture lunacy both as well as Sunni, Nico, Knuggs or Spanky Love were the names used to collectively raiding your late night with mare-tales through the bashing heads tracks like Suck, Aids, learn, A New Beginning, I’ve Died a Thousand Times, Way It Flows, Laugh at Me, Few Degrees Cooler and the classic cover off Shout At The Devil from their Vince Neil/Tommy Lee/Nikki Sixx/Mick Mars tribute sinister version by the Lunatic Candy Kreep boys. Remember to Self Mutilation yourself after listening …