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Prin Viu Stramosecs (Rusidava Records 2016)

Folk Metal that consisting of eight personnel as some are females and beautiful and some others are male and handsome as an Epic Folk Metal band used to form. 
You might fancying the controlled highly performance or beauties from Tudor Uscoi (drums), Paula Gherasim on violin, keyboardist Lorena Mitoi, lead guitarist Gabriel Andrei onto Florin Costachita the male vocalist and Loredana Butnaru (female vocals) as the Folk Metal experiences for many of Heavy Meta fans for An Theos (the band’s name) presenting Semintia Daca - an album that carrying their Bucharest, Romanian version of lunatic Epic Folk Metal searching for the remaining gold or such from a different cave-in found by one of the soldiers. 
Die a bravery try as once you serving-in before an evening walk out the room under the mountain as thus eight rounds of powerful Epic Metal serving consistency through the local language lyrics like Bratul De Fier, Potpuriu; as the high toned solos barking and even the old folks dancing influenced by local traditions and folklore secretly like the manufacturing Heavy Metal onto the tragic ending for double pedals, standard guitars and find themselves a descend characteristic domination over everyone’s crumbs of gold deeper inside the planet’s cavern system – never to return …

Semintia Daca: