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Preyingmentist (Virgin 2007)

   The more metallic of Industrial-side works bashing you from the inside out as being made disturbingly sensual by the group as Alaina “Porcelain” Beaton or Alainy Beaton taking her psychotic rocking career a little bit “off-the-cliff” with this project in Porcelain & The Tramps (PATT) in Self-Titled recording release.
   Crashing the barriers within this Industrial Metal music as the line-up also consisting of John “Snake” Anderson on guitars, Rocko the bass-player with keyboardist Megan or Whitey the drummer – all came behind the leading role babe - Alaina and this mini album is the proof of her existence involving the stepping into semi-mainstream Electronic Heavy Metal area. 
   From Detroit, Michigan please – welcome and make yourself comfortable as the medium attacks from the tracks like King of The World, Redlight District, I Feel Perfect as well as Sugar Cubes or My Leftovers might playing roles as kind of anti-septic for cleansing those after romance stains and the wounded infections before one burn the skyscrapers down in a single match-stick throw. Peep if you want to but never kept Gasoline a Transparent container.