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Porsche Tokyo (Mego 2006)

   For her loves since the past childhood listening to either those odd mixing between Aphex Twin and Laurie Anderson; sensing the young Tujiko Noriko the well-known now as “Japanese Bjork” into her dwelling kindly types of making the musical composes through the entire complicated feelings of humans as like quirky, yearning, good-natural and atmospheric, playful fun to hypnotic amiable like staying in bed during the Summer’s Sunday afternoon or else.
   Brought a wider attention on her career since the releasing of Shojo Toshi+ as her second efforts which didn’t need to have a loud-mouth fully loud noises but creatively, pick the essential of more down to earth hiatus junkie sounds which can make some audiences addicted to the music of Ms. Noriko-san clearly. 
   Notably, different touches and echoing distant voices trying to penetrate the invisible walls just like one being trapped inside another strangely world somewhere on the alienated dimension with unusual matching for a thumping soft beats of living creatures you going to follow all the way through a futuristic cauldron of mysterious tones and melodies on the mighty White Film as well as Be Be, Marble Waltz that used to be written in Japanese being translate also  マネキンサーファーマ (Mannequin Surfer) or まちのかけら (Machi No Kakera) via Anti Newton, Pop Skirt and Robot Hero (Live in Rhiz 23.08.01) proving how odd this girl’s featured sounds really turn your mind upside down in many imaginative questions on finding the golden egg. 

Shojo Toshi+: