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Porridge Heap Raw (Molot Records 2016)

Krasdonar – Russian's Prog-Metal extreme album - Inbox in the present day; meeting these Russ-kies duo whom playing their Extreme Heavy Metal with specification on the experimental Schizo-Black Metal and Hardcore total as Death Metal dementia influences or Thrash Metal developing followed the duet of Dmitriy Pertsev on guitars, vocals, bass and Ilya Morzhev on drums writing down their terms for theme-songs over the materials talking about Anti-human, violence, psychedelia of mental/social issues to black humor lyrics through the group’s releasing record compressing the inner possessions of the soul on fire and lust where the men’s world kept enslaving women as their sexual toys and images blurred as the slamming bursts of choices in extremity exploded wild via Kelp Needs Money for New Shoes, Juice After The End of The World to Stuffed Baggy Face and Wax Resuscitation in a grand-grenade tension executing hauls of progressive sounds and clashing metallic of heaviness in techniques and scream vocals meet there. 

Groovy demonic in foreplay head-bangs by short meaning off the Apelsinovaya Krevetka or Citrus Lobster loud displays.