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Poor Previlege (Discouraged Records 2015)

   Umea's Grindcore is the facts dragging to you through your stereo for branding the ultimate underground duo of Umea, Northern Sweden with Fredrik Larrson doing the drum bashing and low vocals to Andreas Backstrom doing the electric riff-age and high vocals mixing together as they’re creates the inferior tidal typhoon of Extreme Metal Music like many Swedish metallic bible-basher groups spawning their wrath sounds for years and some went legendary already. Human Collapse Syndrome is the very dangerous moment possible to you knowing them but everything would be erased by the total chaotic saga over thus Grindcore/Crust-core/Kang Metal attacks in darken ferocious and furious within the slamming blasts tracks off Sluta Grat Spela Snabbare!, Shackled, Constant Defeat or Debt completely dark and annoying to conservative people and their fake kindness on helping you with their aid of lies.

Human Collapse Syndrome: