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Police Police (Toxic Shock 1985)

   Mauro (vocals), Giuseppe (2nd guitars), Davide (lead guitar), Helder (drums) and Maurizio (bass guitar) isn’t as the same as how you might think that these Poviglio (Reggio Emilia) – Italy Hardcore/Punk band of the eighties era trashy timing comes to visit your stereo system if you like them screaming, bursting or bashing the Thrash Metal mixed with Punk-Hardcore not because taken the idea from The Stooges and Iggy superb hits album of semi-underground punkish rock right after they’re decided to change the name from Off Limit to Raw Power. The third album in Screams From The Gutter is a statement from these Italian rock-heads becoming more rebellious than they used to be through those freaking fast and slamming like the excellent mosh-pit for pogo-lovers more than an experiment gone wrong tracks themed like A Certain Kind of Killer, Army, My Boss, No Card and State Oppression to Joe’s The Best as well as Bastards; claiming back the fighting club statements of an anti establishment, new world order, commercial realm onto day-job and enslavement by the corporate empire. 

Fully Hate for Nihilist versus Politicians !

Screams From The Gutter: