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Polarity Regret (Bandcamp 2013)

Remember the moment where you still an infant and you’re floating inside your mother’s womb within the thick liquid – weak and helpless while needing the protections and nurtures from the adults even before you getting out as a fully complete humanoid baby ? 
The answer for that atmospheric times would easily be experienced through the talented sound recording of Elizabeth Danae Wolf project where she’s providing bass-lines, keyboards and background vocals as well while it mixed by Justin Gold with the helping rockers performance on percussion/acoustic drums by Josiah Wolf and Doug “Chris Isaac” Mcd doing the electrified guitars. 
The appearance of Dream Tiger as Elizabeth’s SELF solo music project virtually, providing these eleven tracks experimental Trip-Hop beats and Electronic-Pop tunes delivers a slower, sad but wiser tones within the darker borders between the listeners and the reality fakes where you shall be undergone concentrate by the harmony summoning over confusions or dilemma modernity via Forgiveness, Sincerely Yours, Phoenix Dust, A Modest Proposal and Spiritual. 

Help your-self.