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Poker Loo-Aqua (Mind Cure Records 1992)

   A hard name to pronounces for the hometown-based of Pennsylvania culture of Indie Music scene out from Punxsutawney over The Joy of Wine recording by Thee Speaking Canaries group as consisting on Damon Che Fitzgerals the guitarist and vocals to Noah Leger on drums and Karl Hendricks the bass player/vocalist comes narrated and banging like a weirdest Grunge/Punk society pressures to commencing the awesome drunk-timing for delicious grapes products turned up to bottles and drums preserved and enjoying by the audiences within the band’s crazy performance via distorted sounds and insane jump-starts. 
   Take your time and seat back – open a bottle and pours a glass – drink slowly and put the volume louder by level; hears how Aneka, Losing Son, Burning Loose and Blocks through Dizzy and Stoned shall punching you harder and learn about the premature indie-sound homemade quite spontaneously simple from the lesser-known experts and ambassador of rock from the town which having a difficult name to pronounce while too much drinking continues …

The Joy of Wine: