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Poison Of Love (Bandcamp 2012)

   Has been not very clearly known to have a good connection to “the foo fighter” crafts from the WWII air battle sceneries around France but eventually, the Toulouse group of the blending mixture on Indie-Pop, Post Punk and New Wave Rock for the releasing of this Judgement  an album that recorded and releasing by The Red Lips unit. Slow-tipping beloved groovy and independently popper than your last diet of instrumental rock hiatus rodeo solo project or duet or group as closely relating to their own mysteries subjects upon the written lyrics and self-employing compositions as well as live version shows as they’re being influenced by perhaps, some (also) lesser-known groups like We Need Eleanore, Dodoz to The Adrenaline or purity feelings in playing sounds like the real UK’s scene generations for France audiences and listeners on Judgement. 
   Find these fanatic booster-mixer and wah-wah treaders via Jerk, Industrialisation, Human Dance or Aerocar which can make you dance your ass-off while the Indie Rock Electro-Pop as Nothing At All for Marylin in Call of Death as Time Goes Slow but never Save Me kinds of situations comparable created with the decibel moderate made from this recording album.