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Point Ignition (Independent 2016)

The smooth-driven for eerie feelings female voice and Psychedelic-intentions led the entire Symphonic Metal progressive fuse on the Oslo, Norway’s five-piece group Svovel consisting of Jonatan Ekblad Aagarard (drums, vocals), Robert de Graff (bass guitar), Hakon Eikland (guitars), keyboardist Jahn Erlend Holm and lead vocalist Karine Jaeger may ticking your attentions because of the lunacy-based type of musical penetrations which not entirely exact to be called regular Symphony Progressive Metal that crossing-over some of thus insistence for given out the Modern Metal and Alternative grooves by mixing onto the band’s good sounds via the recording of Fading. 

One might tasting the crucible moments after listening to the second effort song on Go Away within its ferocious mixture on screaming vocals, sensual femme touch and groovy metallic tempos which praising whether Black Metal in world music tense or a traditional heritage turning the Heavy Metal tide from within crazily should giving you an interesting feeling to listening more about this Svovel group. Seven tracks and more lunatic spells off the Avant-garde or Chamber Music for Lullaby or Crimson Sky or Reflect The Energy binding the first gray part and the last second darker part completely.