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Plum Sugar (Bandcamp 2013)

Big shout out to Mike Vasquez for this variety of Hip-Hop, Soul-Groove, Funk/Rap, Gunk-Jazz rhymes by this MC/producer/entertainer/music-instrument player born in Atlanta, GA on making beats as he wanted to be in love of rhythms and mix-master sweat-box experimenting on Not Too Shabby (which being recorded by a fat guy as white as butter) being under the cover of another identity called Notes Floats as the climbing higher levels as the providing beats for music and Rn’B addictions keeps making the world go round today even for this type of home-made and non-commercial level juggling sound-mix acts all the way through Love This Place, All Day, Get It, Workin On It to Goin Places are amazingly sounding good for the complimenting compliance and accompanying the late evening barbecue invitations where you meet your favorite girl for the first time in a lifetime and since then can’t never stop thinking of her because of that special moment on.   

Hit the beats that ain't sounded like shit !

Not Too Shabby: