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Penny Annie (Self-Released 2014)

Nobody perhaps, knowing where the hell is this Rock N’ Roll Funky Motown-based double whammy group named The Hog coming but yes, they’re exist. For those whom likely loved to swaying the dance moves or beer-juggling until you’re puked whilst your girlfriend being fuck real hard by your next-door colored neighbors as you went out to the party and wasted the next morning kinds of story-ripped and bewildering high through the selective tunes and favorable to ears to listen on the self-titled recording with the infamous female mutant hog-like creature slutty in a hang-over around the bench corner. Vomiting the expansive grooves and mutual clashing of Funk and Rock like Anthony Kiedis and Flea did the after-school rehearsal music show but never fails to impress everyone in the audience seats. Pick your exotic flavors via Sweet Spanish Lady, Doo Doo Dat, Pluto Nash Parade, Welcome to Smelta Airlines to Pay No Good. 

PS. Maybe you know some of these gentlemen from Long Island, New York like Steve Lipschutz, Dan Crowley and A.J Sapala ?