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Pencuri Mimpi (Bandcamp 2010)

First cause on Hybrid Dark-Pop or Chiptunes carrying their Down-Tempo Space experimental project formed by Yennu Ariendra and Asa Rahmana from Indonesia as they’re truly independent background and didn’t belong to any labels yet; these Yogyakarta’s Belkastrelka releasing recording via Penyusup Misterius Dan Suara Suara Aneh Dari Kamar (meaning The Mysterious Intruder and Those Strange Noises From Inside The Room) really perfectly perpetual by the lyrics and colliding beats of Electro and Indie Rock just like Karen O’s personal project carrying the least wanted sounds from her previous band and so did this group as well. 

Let Sputnik Darling opens your introductions for Belkastrelka physical package trophy via the local tales about the yards or the pages in Halaman in antiquity full-o-beats on semi-fiction of Neo-Wave approved and Modern Noise Pop to letting go.