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Peaks And Valleys (Independent 2013)

Sense it from a chosen Detour programs turning to recording mini album by the Toronto, Canada whom none exactly, whiter because Phasma is a multi-colored unit that freely doing what they’re wanted to do as they pleased and by that – Arjun Bali the drummer, Rainni Chen on bass guitar, Justin Kwok the lead guitarist and Yifan Wu on vocals, rhythm guitars have decided to take another road even if its longer, quieter but freshly, natural as a good for health when one crossing the wood’s small track in Autumn would be a better description about the band’s music. 

Emotionally, Alternative Punk rocking in Indie-Pop power style; whether you didn’t like Smell The Smoke and In Moonlight on the first sight – it’s quite alright because you shall try to have another try on them and loving it !