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Pax Discoboy (Not On Label 2016)

Pop first efforts but the likes on Dave Matthews Band may also attaching onto this sounding merger mesmerizing as the gorgeous female voice led the group from Orleans – France through the name of Upseen. Miraculously formatting themselves as a five-piece unit; bass guitarist Victor Lecoq, guitarist Raphael Gautier, drummer Marceau Carrion and guitarist(electric/acoustic) Irving Rhingo to their vocalist Marie-Anne Neto performing their grown-up maturity over Groove-Pop and more variable of slow-dancing beats for everyone to listen, drink beers, having a great time and whispering love onto each other based on Pop tunes. 

Upseen’s recording album on Sold Out Sunset might seems to be an outrageous inflicted pressures for those anti-social people to blending with society sometimes and the invitations for having a face-timing through music on a occasional event must be not eliminates by the disliking for certain type of humans in your life. 

Love Fired Food and Heavy Words to Mornings or Hide Away and Music (is a Ferocious Lover) will open the disguising you precisely, as you forgot that your feet already doing the soft dance and a girl next to your seat is already signaling a smiling sign at you !

Sold Out Sun: