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Paralyzed Somewhere (Not On Label 2016)

   Gabe Tachell not only written, produced and mixed his own music but knows that Seattle Sound would might evolving into a heavier darker visions of music as it always be called the fture of Rock Music since the revolution started in the mid-nineties and beyond by recruiting his own fellowship of more metallic unit of rockers as this Prog-Metal, Thrash/Death Metal and Black Metal influenced group consisting completely with Carlos (drums), James (bass), Alex (guitars) being purifying the binged purge blasting sounds of themselves as a brand new extremity erupts from the underground-based scene of Heavy Metal Seattle, WA made. 
   Rhine the band is quite traditional for slamming the music into your ugly face like a baseball bat over and over again smacking it so band nobody would recognizing that this extreme growling evolved from once the distortion over boredom and established format of world music ruling the days are gone now with the martyrs but surely, Seattle survives as newcomers like Rhine releasing their record – An Outsider as an independent Progressive techniques by high level consisting that these ten tracks may lived forever as a collection because they’re elusive and dangerous and can be approved via Dissolved in Fire, The Spell of Dark Water, Dreaming of Death or P.R.E.Y as Shipwrecked in Stasis leaving the last Fragments of chaos raising from the tunnels underneath your ruined Seattle ground within the riffs of animosity lethal values.

An Outsider: