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Oraculum Hush (Bezirk 2016)


   An eighties era born chick by filled up talents in music and turning her presence to be not only a musician but also composer, improviser pianist and vocalist with the founding of the micro label independently by herself for Wild Science; the French girl from Paris – Delphine Dora may have your attentions while performing her record sessions like this Le Fruit De Mes Songes which pulling the complexity beyond the blending on abstract Avant-Garde, experimental Folk-traditionalist or the eerie chanteuse du Paris in a cosmic splitting existence between London and Vienna by distant; perfectly beautiful better than the looks but this sounds will capturing your fear and your lovely feelings where romance faded out but the tracks of semi-Gothic and instrumentals remains to stay.  

   Pick either one or two musical performance that sounded like a broken catholic-ism in musica from thus eight on the list and maybe Le Mystere Demeure or Volupte a L’angoisse and Dans La Brume Chuchotante (The Whispering Mist Dance) would come clearer haunting to shows reasons in the making than just a meaningless effort that you cannot understand …

Le Fruit De Mes Songes: