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Once Upon A Lifetime (Season Of Mist 2007)

Madding Israeli Extreme Metal troops that can easily kicking your arse without care a lot for they’re the ultimate bringer of typhoon Death/Thrash/Doom Metal and darker thus arts of metal music performance upon their souls to destructible purposes written inside their non-popular bashing music with some traditional touching from Hebrew heritage on the fifth recording - Necessary Evil. 

Ze’ev T on vocals, Lior M the guitarist as well as Nir G to Michael G on bass as well as the drummer Nir N from Tel-Aviv pulverizing kingdom of hatred and violence towards the outside world as the band – Salem by the way is their name; has brought this mankind-basher subjective materials in subversive themes producing through the extremist’s songs of Amona, Idol Worship, Mindless or Resentment as they’re not intent to Making A Difference as well the hating messages send straight within this destructive images and the dislikes to the entire holy city and its surroundings. 

Awakens the demonic little girl inside us all and releasing her will to kill the rest of humanity ...

Necessary Evil: