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Ode Wisdom 2 (P.W Elverum & Sun Ltd. 2009)

As several tracks would reminding you about how blistering snow-wrath stormy weather and Black Metal used to have something in common ground by the sounds but also how peaceful and much-fated the fading distance echoes of beating of traditional drums or percussion like it’s Sunday today or repetitions is dependable by repent whisperings via the clever experimental of a guitarist/song-writer/producer’s musical-project by Phil Elverum as Mount Eerie telling his audiences about the imaginative realm of Anacortes, Washington as many collaborative musicians also on board within this but the principal members will always be Mr. Elverum own. Feel the expressions through this – Wind’s Poem where Indie Rock, Lo-Fi sound and music to Heavy Metal or Ambient can bursting without any warn-alerts because the main artistic characters of this project lies inside the head of one single free-thinker man and you better believe it happens quite between scary to mesmerizing as the songs like My Heart is Not at Peace onto Through The Trees, The Mouth of Sky, The Hidden Stone or Summons and Ancient Questions are all having their self-inflicted comes out with confidence as the weather outside still turns unfriendly and one needs just to sit or wait in cancel for any plans of things to crossing the border woods today.

Wind's Poem: