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Oblivion’s Peak (Pure Noise Records 2016)

   Three faces of the figure in the blending violent acts for Metal-Core/Hardcore punching music from Knocked Loose which coming from their hometown of Oldham County – KY as the newer Beatdown Hardcore group consisting on Bryan Garris, Cole Crutchfield, Isaac Hale, Kevin Otten and Pac Sun whether they’re give a damn about wearing hoodies or not and jumping to the mosh-pit trap for the stronger to survives the resilience bashing power-dunker tracks taken from their non-famous recording release in Laugh Tracks. 
Fulfilling the fucking dreams for putting violence beats or tempos in front and as elbows slamming faces of kicks and chin bleeding is a lifestyle for you to enjoying the small fight club in private then – either the social values, issues or problems or just being strangled by hatred and releasing your angst energy might really be possible following the smash to tons of songs via Blood Will Have Blood, Counting Worms, My Heroes, Deadringer and Billy No Mates will be No Thanks A Fetish gnarling smile onto the broken world not to pity it.

Laugh Tracks: