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NXTLVL (Self-Released 2012)

   When you feel it’s a good day to start to listen to something new then, meet Saad Munsar and Salman Younas Khan – the experimental Post-Rock/Space Rock or Electronic rocking music based off their hometown; Karachi – Pakistan. Known to the local amusement rock scene as Basheer & The Pied Pipers not only comes brilliantly like a snake charmer but also compositions off thus crossing styles and high skills on board avoiding the danger patrolling of sand-shark near the remote lighthouse telling stories about Progressive or Alternative themes lifted-up upon the team influences and adepts bordering burrows and inimitable over the full-length record entitled as simply as Basheer. 
   Powerful modern and you may surprising to have them performing and then notice where they’re coming from; no terrorism attached to these rock-heads and independently, views over Pakistani musicians shall also develops once you heard the active ideas and trance tension and slithering agility spares or lying within the melodic harmony sounds produced by them cause nothing is too late to burst like a miracle via Once Again, Circling Nowhere, Dreaming to You and Seems to Me. 

Such a great progress of making music by distortions, techniques and strings arrangement like You Know I Know I Know.