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North Highway (Bandcamp 2005)

   Basque's mantra of Psychedelic Bluesy Rock and Progressive Stoner and Southern Music with Country influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd and friends had dealing to their brains as well a highly interest for these Vitoria Gasteiz – Spain group releasing their best effort by far through Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues like an all-stars great band they’d becoming to later if they can staying to focused and gain more lucks; drummer Ortiz Domingo, bassist Illan Arribas, Jony Moreno the vocalist, organist/synths by Javi Free, guitarist Dani Trinanes and Asier Fernandez dealing the Pop-touch but mixing it deeper as the groovy sounds really works to entertaining your ears to the chilled up bones and head-bang session happens as The Soul Breaker Company group kicking the dusts with their stylish rocking materials recorded there onSurely Never Comes, Dreams of Glue that can easily teasing your wild-side, They’ll Come For Me, Trains of Fools and Take It On Time among others … 

Too powerful for beginners cause actually lots of them are already older and the sounds might reminding you to Chris Robinson and co. playing pools with a mystery girl in a gloomy bar corner one damn well night !

Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues: