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Normalizer 4 Weeps (Must Die Records 2015)

When you didn’t recognize Nigel Joseph’s Noise Music of outsider sounds with the long mixing hours of Avant-Garde and D.I.Y works divided into three musical compositions as the tracks filling up the releasing under the self-title of Grim Enema – it’s fine because maybe you never heard about this project before anyway. If you the one person that worshiping loneliness and sorrow or being terrorizing by the broken-feelings and solitude sparks beyond your quietest imaginations; then, the recording of Grim Enema should be yours to keep. 
Yes, three songs written and spreading sounds that seems to come from the fifth dimension behind the closing door of your blurry dreams and The Dol The Pam The Don and The Zine collapsing in an abundant opening blossoms slow as it is growing like alien beings around your hearing room and the air up there – echoing the surrounds of the vibrated tones in monotonous form; fifteen minutes and fifty second long as the creative sub-division over the short sub-titles like Eros Consciousness & Kundalini by Stuart Sovatasky, When Your Animal Dies (Sylvia Barbaranel), Black’s Veterinary Dictionary (15th Ed) and The Electronic Lullaby Meat Market by John Spencer brought the positive and negative sections to be combined inside one bowl of project that seems to be in-touch with the weirdness of the odd regulator for terror like the one on Street Life as the guitars or samples grinds …

Grim Enema: