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Noise White (Hellcat Records 2014)

The line-up for this newer action figures of Punk-Ska blender group by their name of The Interrupters that consisting of the energetic Aimee Interrupter on vocals, Kevin Bivona the guitarist, Justin Bivona on bass-guitar and Jesse Bivona behind drum-kit hailing from Los Angeles and going to shortly reminding the audiences about how on earth for the time mixing Rancid from their three albums releasing with seminal Ska-punk acts with female members like Dancehall Crashers or The Distillers having a good time digging their roots for more Caribbean-based sounds just like it is being shown abruptly wider via the self-titled release of the band’s recording session for thus many tracks so powerful and also rebellious in many means necessary and isn’t just The Specials or The Selecter anymore – it’s the new spirit on fights against the new world order-kinds of struggle. 
You shall beat-up, broke-down but never surrender to protest just like Take Back The Power, Judge Not, This is The New Sound, Family (with Tim Armstong), A Friend Like Me and Haven’t Seen The Last of Me are the messages that The Interrupters wanted you to deal with and understand for the chase of ultimate Liberty !