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Nobody Place (Columbia 1978)

One might never heard about him or neither a fan for couple times on singles he did well-respected deserve over the radio hits or just a past window through your mommy’s catalogs on Rock N’ Roll last small hope which didn’t quite helping the developments for those kind of scene for the next century being mostly wiped out by a hip thing called New Wave later. Eddie Money’s career or as he born as Edward Joseph Mahoney in New York City and used to called E. money to Lonesome Eddie but sticking with his stage driven nickname as Eddie Money and for his love on plying music, writing songs and dreaming about a long way to become a rockstar shortly paid off on the releasing for the debut record but the second releasing entitled Life For The Taking would spreading onto you all – the essential sounds of original Rock Music by the late of the seventies where wisdom messages by the daily issues or stories mixed to be happened just like most of the people or the listeners would experience themselves. 
Can’t Keep a Good Man Down, Nightmare, Gimme Some Water and Maybe I’m a Fool and the hits like Love The Way You Love Me or Maureen might turning out to be your favorite songs on the soundtrack for movies that also can be your favorites that era or somewhere on this century but just admit it that the front cover shot oh Eddie really looks hipster and simple on seeing his future in music – a good indication for a rockstar to holding on longer due to singing and rocking pass the ages.

Life For The Taking: