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Night Will Be Dawn (HFN Music 2011)

   A haunting atmosphere drastically, in changes as climate so on for the inside conditions in an art-house cinema which collectively attached for the blend within the Pop and Rock Alternative as well as thus Electronic Indie Rock quiet and soft exporting the modern fusion on melancholic melody, the 60’s twang-guitars, spaced-out Pop tunes and bitter-sweet harmony contemplation from these Copenhagen girls duo: guitarist Ina Lindgreen and keyboardist/vocalist Josephine Phillips in Darkness Falls. Spraying their essential structural texture for the tones comes slowly and beautiful as not being in a hurry tremors but embody in a decidedly glamorous as enchanting as the beautiful girls voices and looks, rich guitar sounds and lushy percussions like infectious as Alive In Us becoming the imperfect album for not yet being recognizable but through the songs as gorgeous as The Void, 100 Meter Mind Dash, Josephine, Paradise Trilogy II onto Before The Light Takes Us and Noise On The Line really should make them touches by a very good luck and fortunes because Darkness Falls are charming !

Alive In Us: