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New Lenins (Nabate/Combat Rock 2000)

Not our regular portions of The Ramones-based Punk-Rock music because if you see a little bit closer and her what they’re have to said onto the sounding blares of music coming out of the recording debut album; Manifesto Jukebox may not be your Pop-oriented musical rebel troops but the reality punches in a face of commercial realm armed by this Desire LP disc that has given you a glimpse look of the end of civilizations by the greed and the false advancing technology went wrong as the giant computer grills our world into a crispy bowl of cooking meat of trillions and the destructions done pretty much well describes by Paralyzed, There’s Always Someone, A Promise, Luxury of Indifference to Filter or Truths Yesterday being written by the band members – Antti Luukkainen, Heikki Jalonen, Jukka Karihtala or Ville Angervuori as the respective rock-heads for this Finnish group. 
The mixing between Hardcore-Punk and Hard Rock really can sometimes kicking our reality of secretly lies and opening the veils and windows that usually kept closed. 

One should beloving this Punk Rock important memo via the album debut better than a fanatic cookbook. 

Desire LP: