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Neverland Gun (Massacre Records 2003)

   Even though with their melodic speed and Folk-Pagan Symphonic Metal music as well as naming themselves – Highland Glory doesn’t mean that these metallers are the real descendants of the mythical mighty Highlands people but the six-piece are coming straight from another “metallic” land of the Norse – from Ostlandet here they are: Jan Thore Grefstad (vocals), Jack Roger Olsen and Per Olav Olsen on guitars, Halvor Gustafson (keyboards), Knut Egil Toftum (bass guitar) and Jarle Byberg (drums) gaining powers for the excellent journey of the eternal crusades in Heavy Rock and Metal sounds raising like an ashes of a fire bird ascending up there to the holy mountains that’s the aims from these melodic metallers releasing this courageous record: From The Cradle To The Brave across thus icy storms and harsh environments man ever gone before via A Warrior’s Path, This Promise I Swear, One Last Chance and Land of Forgotten Dreams by two parts in clashing fights or the chronicles between mysteries and purposes under oath of the clansmen. 

Powerful riffs and standard tempo delicious sauce with high-pitched vocals and big sword wrapped in kilt-clothes for the point of no returns or champions !