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Nailbiter (Bandcamp 2016)

   The three minutes and seventeen seconds opener song may reminding you to Jerry Only and the Misfits crew sounds while Alex Murder (vocals), Blake Starr (guitars), Stitch Nicholas (bass guitar) and Twitch Addams (drums) cranking the stereo system loud enough with their performance on thus Horror-Punk and Psychobilly Death Rock of these Dallas – Texas group; Just Another Monster releasing Parts Cut Away. 
Double deliverance crazy mofo beats,  monotonous bass tickles and screaming out loud vocal of terror turns the occasional lovely moments to a disaster as the next track called Gasoline changing into a burning liquid well done on toasting your surroundings in exactly, three minutes and twenty seconds sharp. 
Don’t look for other parts of the monster but run if you can cause it’s going to be too late for you to going back as Moonlight Sickness arrived and turning the good guys into a horrific hungry creatures like Natalie Kahan on her additional vocals. 

Beware ...

Parts Cut Away: