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Nadie Se Muere (Let It Burn Records 2011)

   Beautiful creature mixed of both gorgeous brunette female and a bear-claw’s clan descendant picturing the front cover of your Antwerpen – Belgium’s Metal-Core/Meth-Core/Hardcore quartet crossing their brutality squadron attacks on your stereo system as a primitive propaganda from the Western front within the bombarding of unnamed territorial under the testing approval for protests or showing hatred to the public listening area and reign supreme with thus explosive music of their own. Drummer Serch Carriere, guitarist Leander Tsjakalov, bass guitarist Dreis Verhaert and vocalist Maarten Albrechts  releasing this debut blast on Doradus – imminent of absurdity turbulence rewarding the typhoon of heavier riffs and nonetheless bone-cracking sounds that also groovy into Wreckthings, Chariots, Sounds Like A Flood and Nightwolves. 

Deadly beautiful noise propaganda !