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Mutombo Flip Money (Bandcamp 2017)

When Jason wearing his infamous mask once again but this time carrying a big machine gun and go out to kill every tramping sons of bitches with or without firearms and you will know him by the name of the frightening KirbLaGoop bringing the Goop; pushing the 100 Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap from the underground tunnels of Saratosa – Florida with respects and murder and as some would love to following the trails he made there in sounds of murderous beats – the slaughtering begins as it shall be continues …  
Touchdown (prod. ElijahMadelt), All There (prod. ElijahMadelt & Nat The Genius), Lost Tudda Trap (prod. Oogiemane) to Yom Yom x Young Mojo or Man Down x Lil Peep x Lil Tracy (prod. MoneyPosse & BigHead) and more of those tenure killer tracks going slow like tortures to your living hell days because outside isn’t gonna be changing to perfect like it used to be but a killing field and battle-ground as What You Like (Jaguar Claw) telling you to do the right thing which is survive the confrontations or be killed as far as the stories go worse here on this recording of Gangsta Rap tales.