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Mummy Drive (Radioactive 1994)

From one side-project into another one as originating from Edinburg, Scotland with the keyboardist/vocalist girl Shirley Manson as Fin Wilson on bass guitar, Derek Kelly the drummer and Martin Metcalfe the six-strings major forming Angelfish to adds more cold Goth-Pop blending by the Post-Rock and Alternative sounds as the soft guitars or the standard beats that cursed to following Ms. Manson on her next finest times can be traced right here. 
The Angelfish self-titled recording would be damn awesome and intriguing on the same time as one listening on You Can Love Her, Suffocate Me, Dogs in a Cage to King of The World really presenting the heart-broken from the women perceptions but revenge is good and its due; you will not wanted to playing her heart without getting even later just like the tracks there telling you few of her stories via the band project’s materials being written.