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Mudman Slave (Farmer & The Owl 2017)

Crossing the extremity of your after midday activities on whatever you wanted to calling them anyway; Alternative Rock music will always be a great first choice for many rebel kids to start a revolutionary ideas of their own somewhere even after the broken nose or shin bruises just like in Wollongong – Australia and meet The Pinheads quartet whom being heavily rooted influencing by Punk legends The Ramones re-knowing themselves as Mikey Pinhead the lead singer, bass player Danny Pinhead, drum-beater Richie Pinhead and Pauly Pinhead as driving their emulation of what’s left inside the spirits of the CBGB’s seventy-seven rebelliously being re-recorded onto this self-titled album of the Aussie band. The Pinheads’ Garage Punk Rock and Power-Pop of Rock N’ Roll attacks quickie and sometimes mid-tempo ballads may exactly, forcing you to re-think and adding them to the collections of a ferocious Punk shaped to come as a small riot addictions that seems never fading by years and keep coming back with a bigger better bangs ! 

Go get cranky, create your own personal pogo-mosh pit or be somebody and do it yourself because nothing really matters above money-oriented and commercial such shitty past; listening to Wildfire, Fight or Flight, Tough Luck and I Wanna Know might sounded reasonable to do this afternoon !   

The Pinheads: