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Mr. Politician (Doctor Dream 1991)

Admiring by many including Eddie Vedder on the band’s early days where Cadillac Tramp is you ultimate Orange County’s attraction for their brawly-bar drunken bluesy Rock n’ Roll music. Comprising on Mike “Gabby” Gaborno the lead vocals, Warren Renfrow (bass), Brian Coakley the guitarist, Johnny Wickersham (guitar, vocals) and drummer Dieter; proclaiming their first option not only as just an ordinary Rock N’ Roll band with the sounding little less for Psychobilly but foremost they’re acclaimed to be your energetic Hardcore-Punk group since the time this debut album being released. 
This Cadillac Tramps' self-titled infamously attacking your stereo system with their semi-original cowboy’s bashing themed and terror nightmarish taken from the old horror movies but mixing them all with some Modern Alternative Rock sections and from there – Life on The Edge, I’m The One, Don’t Go, Babred Wire, Medicine Man as well as Lies, She Fell Off The Wagon and Fightin’ Machine are kinds of looks like a rebel rousing words of wisdom from the West Coast to South Africa …

Cadillac Tramps: