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Morituri Salutant (Wicked Cool Records 2017)

   When Nirvana trio might someday resurrects back to the real life again and adding their different bang of music performance with more Garage Rock or Rock n’ Roll psychedelic in tremendous mid-tempo of smashing drums, simple chords and wah-wah of The Stooges-like penetrations they would definitely sounded like The Woggles – our Atlanta, GA natives powder-pounder of Rock N’ Roll triggers that put back the hard-lines fans to the excitements where the time-travelling to the past kind of journey easily can be done just by listening to the group’s album – Tally Ho! as the audiences can loudly singing with the band members like Dan Hall, Manfred Jones or Patrick O Connor who has been rocking and sleeping with groupies since the early of nineties era – now bargaining their sliding balls of snow-rocks through Fire Thief, What You Think We Are, Hard Times and Luminol Test will closely move your old auntie, bitchy momma and long lost step dad’s ass while listening to them. 

Distorting Yippee !!!

Tally Ho: