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Morit Tsereg (Mort Productions 2012)

DingKai the drummer, Orgil on bass guitar and backing vocals to Askhan Avagchuud on guitars and vocals or Saina the balalaika player maybe not as famous like their counter-parts brothers from the example of European Folk-Metal scene but for these Mongolian army located in Beijing but locally came from inner parts of a traditional Mongol clans based on the daily heritage or script beliefs and carrying their Mongolian folklore to be telling again as being shared in hardened version on powerful rock, Progressive Metal and heavy thumping on double pedals, riff-force and melodic harmony vocals within this first debut in Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor (Remixed and Remastered) uniquely by the group of Genghis Khan descends calling themselves Nine Treasures. 
Inside thus Yurt (Turkish) or Ger (local Mongolian) traditional portable camp-house lies the displays of traditional fur boots and Morin Khuur – the rare strings music instrument of cello/violin like that symbolized the long period of old and ancient basic for the Mongol history so far and this band truly carried a maximum new offers on modern metallic music made from that area which also freaking rare as well. 
Whether you can read or didn’t understand the meaning for the words or titles like Nuutshai Chadal, Nomin Dalai and Tengerlig Tuul or even the bonus track surprises from the band’s influential respect for Metallica or don’t … 
Doesn’t matter cause everything you need to take the Metal out of you listening to these Folkish rockers fucking rocks !

Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor: