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Mojave Green (Kill All Music 2017)

One might not familiar with this lot that prays that they’re the real next steps off Los Angeles – California Extreme heavy Metal group with the distinctive mixing between Hard- Rock, Hair Rock glam and Southern Metal on the let hearing sessions on a weirdest, intriguing or talented band from the West Coast main city rocking harder as the cross-over of Thrashy Hardcore and Punk with Southern slamming beats emerge by thus killer riffs, total destructive drumming and abrasive sludgy/Modern Metal vocalizations just like High on Fire clashing with Converge in one single fucking studio deserves this image found on the mighty Grand Lord High Master’s self-titled champion debut recording as then you realized that hell which freezing over before is already heathen up again. 
Guitarist William Von Arx, vocalist Nathan Fletcher and drummer Jamie Baca really did not smiling onto your face while bashing it hard through the slashing sounds and furious beats on through Cattle Call, Mothers that sending the creepiest form of noise to your living room, Thrash or Sludge simply devastated or the starting of all via Ripper’s Delight which possessing the listeners to then – go out and slaying someone with glad heart as promised by the group.